Earnings blitz, near term China headwinds, capacity cuts and under utilization charges

January 2023

Intel defends the dividend. The balance sheet is in shambles. Additional thoughts on positioning.
Earnings dodges and data center smoke
I think the first half is the bottom. That's good for semiconductors. Nvidia GPUs have cleared the channel.
Data center misses are palpable. TSM on Thursday. It's also time to look towards China's reopening.

December 2022

It's the long Winter. Will Spring ever come?
We are seeing the ugly side of Semiconductor History. It's like the Old Testament.
Marvell has the right game plan and players for the future: Can they win?
IEDM is showing how DTCO will overcome the end of Moore's Law.

November 2022

I love trends - I want to write about them more often.
ASML looks to be a "fair" price on a DCF