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This newsletter is a place where you can get plain English explainers of semiconductor companies and what they do from an investment focus. I want to help save you time on semiconductor research as well as teach you something along the way. Welcome!

What is the Future of this Newsletter?

I hope to write long-form primers, actionable research (such as my post on Inphi), and other interesting topics from an investment perspective focused on semiconductors. I may add additional interesting writeups that are not semiconductor focused under “everything else” but will remain focused on semiconductors for the foreseeable future.

Who Am I?

Hey! I’m Doug. I formerly was employed at a firm in Texas called Bowie Capital where I started out of college. There I focused on compounders, and quality-focused investing, and had an incredible experience that let me grow as an investor. From there I became interested in semiconductors, specifically the changing story of the end of Moore’s law and what that means for semiconductor stocks.


Doug O'Laughlin
Writing about what I like right now - aka Semiconductors.