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Semiconductor Outlook 2023: Green Shoots

The Old Testament: Q1 2023 Micron Earnings

Marvell Industry Analyst Day

IEDM: DTCO & More than Moore

Trend Watch - Edition #1

AMAT, KLIC, ADI, and ASML Investor Day

AMD's Genoa, Buffett Buys TSMC, Micron's Further Adjustments, Nvidia, and Lam's Acquisition

Is Q1 the Bottom? Examining Troughs (Revised for Error)

China's Revenge: The Tower Semiconductor Deal is in a Tough Place

Earnings: Wolfspeed Analyst day, INTC, SITM, RMBS, QCOM, QRVO, ENTG, AMD, LSCC, CRUS, and More

Hyper Scalers and Energy Costs

Cadence, SK Hynix, MaxLinear, Teradyne and KLA

ASML and Export Restrictions, Lam Research, and BESI

Mobileye S-1 Teardown

US Export Restrictions, Intel Layoffs, Applied Materials, and TSMC

It's High Time to look at SiTime

Micron Earnings, China Weakening, ASML's CTO, and Apple Order Cuts

What Time is It? A Timing Market Primer and Overview

Are We in 1995? Rich Templeton's of Texas Instruments Thinks So

China and End Market Comp Sheet

Nvidia, IIVI, Marvell, and STX

Wolfspeed, IIVI and Marvell, Applied Materials

Micron's Guide and Global Foundries Investor Day and other Earnings (AOSL, ICHR, ONTO, POWI, 8035, HIMX)

Industry Structure: Fabs are in Favor - LTAs are the Tell

Nvidia's Pre-Announce and Earnings Overview (QRVO, AMD, SITM, MCHP, ENTG, KLIC)


Intel - They are Who We Thought They Were (Share Donors)

Earnings (TSMC, ASML, STX, BESI)

Lessons from History: The 1990s Semiconductor Cycle(s)

CXL: Protocol for Heterogenous Datacenters

Micron Earnings: Demand Guide Down

Activist at WDC, and KLAC's Long Term Model at Investor Day

GPU Gluts, Estimate Cuts Coming, and AMD Valuation

Backside Power Delivery and Bold Bets at Intel

The Golden Screw: Inventory, Orders and Semiconductors

Nvidia's Crypto Issues, Cisco's Supply Chain issues

Micron and STMicroelectronics Investor Day

Microchip, Siltronic & Sumco, Infineon, Ichor Holdings, Global Foundries, and TSMC Monthly Revenue Results

On Semi, AMD, KLIC, Rambus and More!

Entegris, Teradyne, KLAC, Intel, MaxLinear, Texas Instruments, and Much More!

ASML, Lam Research, ASM International and ASM Pacific

TSMC Earnings - Boring Execution, VAT Group has an Air Gap in Orders

Earnings Preview: Cross Currents

NVLink/Switch and Platform Wars, Micron and Datacenter

Chinese OSATs: Some Concerns

Lessons from History: The 1980s Semiconductor Cycle(s)

Weekly Update 3/15/2022

Ethereum 2.0 and GPUs & TSMC Monthly Revenue

Metrology Primer

Intel's Investor Day - Nothing New

Quick Earnings Round Up 2/18/2022

Tower Semi Buyout Tips Intel's Hand

Earnings Roundup: 2/11/2022

A Pure Play on Datacenter Memory and CXL

Earnings Roundup Week of 2/4/2022: Part 2

Earnings Roundup for the Week of 1/31 - Part 1

Earnings: Texas Instruments, KLA, Lam Research and More

Semiconductors and Markets

How France's Largest Semiconductor Company Got Nationalized in Plain Sight

TSMC Earnings - The Handoff from Mobile to HPC

TSMC and ASE December Results, ASML Fires, and Semicap Estimates Are Too Low

In the Middle of Transition: 2022 Semiconductor Outlook